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As a normal woman in early 20s, I sometimes like to complain about the physical flaws I have. Start from the tiny dark spot I got from acne, to the unstable weight that I got in the past twelve months, also the fine smiling lines around my mouth that started to get visible. Neither of those make me feel good about myself. 

Even I got that daily empowering motivation from Beyoncé's Flawless, still, I know I am full of flaws. The good thing is, whenever I don't feel comfortable with my own skin, this thinking usually pops out of nowhere; that having flaws is naturally what makes a human. Nobody's perfect. At least, I would get some moment of self-appreciation before the cycle goes back into regretting the flaws that I have!

Well, I learned two things from my complaining experience. First, instead of complaining, what I should always have in mind is that I'd better try to be the best version of myself and fix the flaws I quite dislike by trying not to pick any pimples, maintaining what I consume, and moisturising my skin regularly. Second, I should remember that  adoring myself is the best way to stay happy. If I don't start to adore myself, then who else will?

Have you start to adore yourself? 

There are a lot of ways to make yourself feel good about you. One of the simplest things is wearing what's comfortable, fits and looks good on you, outside and inside. Speaking of the inside, there is no compromise but to wear the lingerie that fits and suits you well. If you're currently looking for what suits you best, this post is probably what you're looking for!

Adore Mea New York based lingerie company committed to designing gorgeous styles for every shape, is giving away a $10 shopping spree. To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is sharing the brand's exclusive video (launched 7 July 2015 at 2 PM US time), on Facebook, tag @AdoreMeOfficial and share your thoughts about the video using the hashtag #IfBoobsCouldTalk.

I personally think that their designs are adorable. If you are the ones who are a fan of lacy lingerie, you probably want to check them out, or simply enter the giveaway. Good luck and don't ever fail to make you feel good about yourself!

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